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The Membership Experience


The Membership Experience is designed to support high school students and parents as they prepare to embark on the college journey.

The Edprep Membership ExperiEnce Includes Access To:


Four themed modules for 9th through 12 grade members and their caregivers. Modules are based on foundational goals for culturally responsive college and career readiness.


Each module features 5-8 lessons that engage members and their caregivers in self-inquiry, academic preparedness, financial planning, and college roadmapping. Lessons include an instructional video, an activity, and follow-up actions that bring students closer to college acceptance. LESSON PREVIEW (hyperlink a sample lesson thumbnail.

Live Content:

Live, interactive group meetings that go deeper into the lesson topic of the month. Live sessions feature guest speakers, workshops, and wellness support.


Connect with other EdPrep members and their caregivers from all across the country as they embark on the journey to and through college. Powered by Mighty Networks.

Most traditional public high schools only begin preparing students for college in the 11th grade with limited, intentional family engagement. At EdPrep we know how important it is to make life decisions with family and culture in mind. We make it a priority to honor these factors in the way we prepare students for college and career readiness.

EdPrep Modules

9th Grade:
Vision into Focus

Vision into Focus includes a two-day orientation summit and four additional lessons that help 9th graders align their vision for success with their academic and personal behaviors. The lessons challenge students to explore their identity, evaluate their personal relationships, and form habits for high academic achievement.

10th Grade:
The Tee Up

The Tee Up includes a two-part reflection cycle of critical self-inquiry and five additional lessons that equip 10th graders with the tools and knowledge to take ownership of the preparatory journey. The lessons in this module ensure students and parents understand how to approach the strategic priorities that will maximize college acceptance outcomes.

11th Grade:
The Selection Series

The Selection Series prepares students to make decisions about their academic future with a meaningful strategy. The lessons in this module take students through a series of strategic considerations that empower them to approach the final stage of the preparatory journey.

12th Grade:
The Process and the Shift

The Process and the Shift sequentially guides students through the process of applying to college and then shifting into the mentality of a college student. The lessons in this module ensure students apply to multiple colleges & scholarships, complete the Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA), prepare a 1st year budget, and learn about college life.

Becoming an EdPrep member is a declaration that earning a college degree is a marker of personal success and is a fundamental to the increase of power in your community.

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